Transform Your Cluster: Innovate, Grow, and Sustain

Boost your cluster’s growth and sustainability by unlocking new partnerships, technologies, and funding opportunities in one dynamic program. 

Applications are open for Hosts only.

What is Cluster Booster?

Cluster Booster is comprehensive technical assistance voucher under the Euromed Clusters Forward. It’s led by Berytech, and aims at enhancing the capabilities of clusters in the South Mediterranean region. This 18-months program provides technical assistance and capacity building for cluster managers, staff, and SME members.

Key focuses include establishing and improving the governance and sustainability models; developing strategies to attract new members; analyzing value chains for better market positioning; scaling-up their business performances and enhancing technological and innovation capabilities to foster North-South Mediterranean collaboration. 

18 Months

of training and support

Up to
120,000 EUR

technical assistance voucher

7 Countries

will be supported

Program Objective

The goal of Cluster Booster is to assist South Med clusters in reaching a new level of maturity and sustainability. This initiative ensures they are well-equipped to strengthen their position in the South Mediterranean and European markets, and to enhance the services provided to their members. 

The Program Offers

Cluster Strategy Development

Capacity building programs for cluster members & management

Business support missions to different regions & exhibitions

Licensing & certification

Reasons to Join Cluster Booster

Joining the Cluster Booster Programme offers transformative benefits for clusters and candidates. Here’s what you can achieve: 

  • Expand Your Network: Attract new members and boost engagement, increasing your cluster’s influence and collaboration.
  • Enhance your Financial Model: Apply new strategies to access funding opportunities and enhance your revenue model to drive your projects and foster growth.
  • Enhance Governance: Refine your governance model for more effective management.
  • Forge Strategic Partnerships: Open international markets through new partnerships and export strategies.
  • Boost Technological Capabilities: Keep your cluster on the cutting edge by advancing member technology.
  • Innovate with New Facilities: Enhance innovation with improved labs, incubators, or technology transfer services.
  • Implement Effective Monitoring: Develop strategies to monitor services and enhance member satisfaction.
  • Sustain Your Impact: Access green transition opportunities and build a sustainable model that provides lasting value to your members.

Berytech will be responsible for supporting candidates from:


2 Candidates
EUR 60,000 each


1 candidate
up to EUR 120,000

Activity Timeline

May - June 2024

Launching Call for Clusters

May - June 2024

August 2024 - January 2026

Implementation of the Technical Assistance

August 2024 - January 2026

January 2026

End of Technical Assistance & Final Reporting

January 2026

Who is Eligible for this Program?

  • New Clusters or Initiatives: Candidates should be new clusters or established initiatives exploring growth opportunities, possessing a clear vision and requiring management resources.
  • Existing/Advanced Clusters: Candidates should have a strong growth value proposition and a successful track record.

In addition to belonging to one of these categories, candidates must meet these criteria: 

  • Geographical Eligibility: Candidates must be based in one of the seven eligible countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, or Morocco.
  • Registration Requirement: Existing clusters must be registered on the ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform).
  • Sector Requirement: Candidates must be operating in one of the following sectors: Primary & Food Industries, Service Industries, Traditional Industries, ICT & Mid/High Tech Industries, or Creative Industries.
  • Financial Commitment: Candidates must commit to participating in 10% cost-sharing of the budget of the program, up to EUR 120,000.

For more details about the program

Your Ticket Towards Cluster Transformation, Innovation, and Growth.

Deadline: June 30, 2024

About the Activity

Facilitating Regional Collaboration and Innovation

Cluster Booster will be implemented by Berytech for 18-months in the Euromed Region. Berytech is the Lebanese partner of the EuroMed Clusters Forward (ECF) Project that is funded by EU-DG NEAR and coordinated by ANIMA Investment Network.