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The Park

The Park: Supported by the WEEL Project to Operate Again

The Park is an outdoor space for kids and families to enjoy outdoor activities in a healthy and fun environment.  It caters for kids and families who do not find enough places to enjoy nature in a fun way in Lebanon.

The project provides income to women who are part of the team while keeping children and families interested in healthy physical play within a healthy environment away from screens and closed indoor play areas.

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Food Delights FB

The WEEL Project Supports Diet Delights to Expand into Healthy Food Production

Diet Delights (Food Delights) was established in Lebanon in 2004 with a joint effort of a group of highly qualified licensed dietitians to fill a gap and to address a growing need in the Lebanese and regional market for a nutrition center that offers professional educated counseling, aiming at managing weight & health and changing eating behavior in individuals. 

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Geek Express: Supported by the WEEL Project to Expand in the GCC

Geek Express started as an art gallery in 2016 and transformed into an Ed-tech platform in 2017 that now offers more than 50 courses in coding and tech literacy. It became an academy with summer camps, yearly programs, franchising locally and regionally, creating our DIY kits, collaborating with schools, universities, and running competitions. In 2019, Geek Express went online, and with that growth, it now has the capabilities to serve parents and children across the region. 

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Ground Vertical FB

Ground Vertical Farming: Supported by the WEEL Project to bring technology to farming

Ground Vertical Farming (GVF) brings a simple but affordable system, especially designed to offer the benefits of vertical farming to deprived agricultural areas. The startup uses existing and proven technologies, but in a novel way. Its patent-pending planting meshes consist of hydrophilic mediums containing pockets capable of handling a wide range of plants. In a greenhouse, the meshes are stretched over inclined frames.

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KamKalima WEEL

The WEEL Project Supports Kamkalima to Expand and Grow

Kamkalima is an impact startup founded by two educationalists in 2015 to respond to the declining literacy levels and student disengagement in the Arabic language. It offers schools an e-learning environment that enhances teachers’ performance, develops student literacy levels, drives better learning outcomes, and increases children’s confidence and engagement in their mother tongue across the Arab world.

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EU4WE Project Strengthens 30 Women-led Businesses in Beirut

Following the catastrophic Beirut Post explosion on the 4th of August 2020, Expertise France partnered with Berytech in supporting women-led and women-owned businesses in Lebanon. The European Union For Women’s Empowerment (EU4WE) Project funded by the EU empowers Lebanese women in times of crisis to create their own opportunities in a more gender-balanced society.

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EU4WE: 30 Women to Benefit from Crisis Management Training & Grants

Following the catastrophic Beirut Post explosion on the 4th of August 2020, Expertise France partnered with Berytech, through the European Union funding, to support 30 women-led businesses affected by the blast. The selected participants will benefit from a two-month intensive training program, including capacity-building sessions, group coaching, in addition to financial support in the form of grants.

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