Currently Enrolled Idea-Stage Startups

The entrepreneurs enrolled under the GIMED Project are supported to convert their ideas into scalable and international businesses. 


Froz is a community based platform that engages millennials through convenient activities, tracks how much waste they’ve reduced and rewards them.


Lebanese Drug Box

Lebanese Drug Box is a drug take-back program that aims at providing a safe and convenient place to responsibly dispose of unused or expired medicines. 

Partner with sun

Partners with Sun

Partners with Sun is a startup working on developing a solar convection oven, a standard bakery oven with a new heat exchange mechanism connected to an industrial solar panel.



Roxxic for design and construction is an eco–friendly provider of affordable and customized industrial designs and construction appliances made of crushed stones. 



Sofra produces natural and biodegradable single-use plates and bowls based on citrus and garlic processing wastes to replace single-use plastics in cutlery and packaging applications. 


Urban Hives

Urban Hives is a low-cost, lightweight, modular structure, erected above car height, providing a shaded area for parking beneath and garden space above. 



A digital platform connecting the dots between Electric Vehicles’ Drivers and Electric Chargers’ Owners offering “Charging-as-a-Service”.



Wave aims to reduce commuting and pollution problems by introducing affordable electric bicycles, starting with a pilot in Beirut.


The objective is to develop a green economy in the Mediterranean area to address environmental degradation, representing a great opportunity for jobs creation especially for young and women, and the development of novel green solutions.

Previously Enrolled Idea-Stage Startups

The entrepreneurs previously enrolled under the GIMED Project 

Now Energy Hub

Now Energy Hub is an e-commerce platform that supports users to reduce their energy bills by analyzing their existing systems and recommending necessary modifications. It offers a wide range of energy efficient products and renewable energy solutions.
Now Energy Hub supports users to understand how inefficient their existing systems could be and how much they can save by implementing the recommended measures. It also recommends renewable energy solutions. It is innovative in terms of automating the energy audit process for the user and engaging him in the audit work with easy and simple questions about his systems with full guidance on how to read technical values and understand energy bills.


NPK 365 uses common containers turned into green spaces that can be used to plant a wide range of products like vegetables, mushrooms and more while using an aquaponic system and vertical farming in a controlled atmosphere to  limit infections and diseases which will limit the cost of production and maximize plants production and ensure a high-quality product.

Article 3

The solution tackles waste in the fashion industry by upcycling discarded garments, fabric or textile through a local network of in-need seamstresses and creative young designers to offer a wearable fashion product that allows consumers to decrease their personal carbon footprint.

Recycler Donation

The solution tackles waste management through a service that recycles, reuses, reduces and repurposes waste but also donate in order to help people in need.

Green Spill

The solution tackles oil spills from ships and pipelines in water using specific herbs and edible powders that alters the way of spreading of oil on water and causes its shrinkage which will help in cleaning up the oil spill along with mechanical oil spill response methods.

Solar Ray Ampere

The portable electric box provides a green alternative power supply with electricity charged from solar power that has no cost of operation, is noise free and has a 2 to 4 year lifespan.

Neo Plast

The solution proposes biodegradable plastic bags from startch for single-use or multiple-use that they are practical, food-safe, biodegradable, durable and as affordable as nylon products.

StrawHat Organics

The solution is an AI-enabled Cloud IoT gateway and dashboard for operations, management, and monitoring of organic permaculture and agriculture.


The solution tackles the collection of cigarette litter and processing it into reusable material.

4a Better Future

The solution suggests the use of wind turbines to provide power to light up roads during winter and rainy periods.