Rural Entrepreneurs in AgriFood

REAF Incubation Program: Build, Grow and Launch Your Startup

REAF is providing support to innovative startups and Lebanese youth working in agrifood, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, renewable and sustainable energy, and waste management and valorization. The program aims at strengthening businesses, product viability, and socio-economic resilience of individuals in South Mount Lebanon, Central and West Bekaa, and the Hasbaya and Baalbek areas. 

Applications for the third edition of the REAF Ideathon are now closed.

About The REAF Ideathon & incubation Program

Rural Entrepreneurs in Agri-Food (REAF) is a program through which Berytech supports startups in three different batches with innovations across agrifood, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, renewable and sustainable energy, and waste management and valorization. 

The program starts with the 3-day REAF Ideathon, followed by an 8-month Incubation Program. The incubation program, designed in two phases, offers the 15 winning startups of the Ideathon the resources, knowledge, and funding to scale their solutions and grow into a sustainable business. 

Startups working in the rural economy value chain are supported across different stages including but not limited to agriculture production, distribution, marketing, retail, household consumption, manufacturing, and processing. 

Through the REAF program, selected startups will benefit from tailored capacity-building activities, business development services, technical assistance, coaching, and in-kind grants. 

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Why you should apply

  • Get full support to build, grow and launch your startup.
  • REAF Ideathon  Enhance your business model, receive support, and pitch your proposed solutions to a panel of judges.
  • Funding for your startup – Receive up to 6,500 USD in-kind grants.
  • Business Coaching – Develop your business with tailored capacity building activities, business development services and one-one-one coaching.
  • Industry Network – Get connected with key sustainable rural development stakeholders and companies and build stronger linkages with key actors.
  • Prototyping Facilities – Get access to an electronics & hardware Fabrication Lab with technical support.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The program is open for startups & MSMEs that meet the below criteria:

Are working on projects in agrifood, circular economy, renewable and sustainable energy or waste management and valorization that have a direct socio-economic impact

Have at least two Lebanese co-founders aged between 18 and 35

Are operating in the South Mount Lebanon, Central and West Bekaa, or the Hasbaya or Baalbek areas  

Preferably with women and people with disabilities on the team

The applications are evaluated on business and technical aspects. The applicants are assessed on their understanding of the problem, their proposed solution, innovation, business viability, business growth potential, and team. 

30 shortlisted applicants will join the REAF Ideathon, from which 15 startups will join the pre-incubation program, and 8 the final incubation stage.  

The Program's Timeline

The program kicks off with three Ideathons happening at different locations, namely the Michele Daher Foundation from October 21-22, Rural Entrepreneurs from November 3-5, and the final REAF Ideathon hosted by Berytech to pick the top 15 winners for the subsequent incubation stages of the program.

The Incubation Phases

DEC 2023 — FEB 2024

Grant 2,000 USD

3-month Validation and Pre-Incubation Phase

  • 15 startups will be selected to benefit from grants to validate their ideas and (or) prototypes. The validation and pre-incubation phase ends with an expert jury selecting the top eight startups to go into the incubation phase for five months.
  • During this phase practical approaches are provided to define objectives and validate assumptions about the problem, the opportunity, the market size, the audience, and the feasibility of the solution.
  • This phase also includes one-on-one clinics with each team to help them address any emerging concern.

MAR 2024 — JUL 2024

Grant 4,500 USD

5-month Incubation Phase

  • The eight selected startups will be supported to build and launch their minimum viable product – MVP. The focus is on operations, product development, business modeling, and go-to-market.
  • During this phase founders learn about product-market fit, the lean startup methodology, how to communicate to the right audience, and how to develop a sustainable financial structure to secure the stability and growth of the business.

Applications are now open for the third batch of the program

Apply to the REAF Ideathon before November 16 and get the chance to enroll in the REAF Incubation Program

Applications for the third edition of the REAF Ideathon are now closed

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