Scaling Eco-Innovative Solutions in the Textile & Fashion Industry

Berytech is sourcing young innovators and entrepreneurs in the clothing industry who want to grow their ideas or startups into scalable eco-friendly textile and fashion ventures. If you are working on a project that can make the clothing industry more circular and environment friendly, apply now to benefit from advanced business support, financing opportunities, and regional networking to develop and expand your business across the Mediterranean within ten months.

The Growing Innovation Program in Brief

Berytech is calling for innovators and entrepreneurs in the fashion, clothing and textile sectors to apply for the STAND Up! Growing Innovation Program, funded by the EU under the ENICBCMED Programme, and turn their solutions into scalable environment friendly businesses contributing to the growth of innovation & circular business opportunities in the textile, clothing and fashion industry.

From Lebanon, 40 entrepreneurs/startups will be selected to join the program. Throughout the 10-month program, Berytech will build the capacities of its participants, giving them access to advanced business support, financing opportunities, technical assistance, soft-landing vouchers and regional business networking to grow their projects into textile or fashion ventures and expand them across the Mediterranean.

The program will run in 5 Mediterranean countries – Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Tunisia, building a powerful network of entrepreneurs, eco-innovators, experts and partners in the textile and fashion industry.

Business Support

Access to business and technical support tailored to the needs of ventures in the textile, clothing and fashion industry

Financing Opportunities

Access to investment readiness trainings and matchmaking with investors and funding opportunities 

Mediterranean access to markets

Access to regional market opportunities and support through soft landing vouchers in 5 Mediterranean countries  

Circular Regional Network

Access to the STAND Up! Mediterranean network of green partners and investors 

Berytech Network

Access to Berytech’s network of entrepreneurs, professionals, media, funding companies and international partners 

The objective is to transition to an environmentally and socially responsible circular model in the textile sector by supporting entrepreneurs and eco-innovative ventures to seize the business opportunities and employment generated by the green revolution in the region.

Who Can Apply?

The call is addressed to young independent innovators and entrepreneurs, students from fashion, textile and design universities working on innovative business projects, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), industries and organizations working on spin-off projects, from the textile and fashion sectors.

Target and Stage

  • Young independent innovators and entrepreneurs at the idea stage (with at least a research study) or early stage projects in the textile, clothing and fashion industries 
  • University students/alumni working on eco-innovative business projects in the textile, clothing and fashion industries 
  • SME, industries, organizations working on developing and launching new sustainable projects inside their organization in the form of spin-off in the textile, clothing and fashion industries 
    Industry and Offering
    • Projects should offer products, services, designs, business models or technologies leading to sustainable and environmentally friendly innovations in the textile, clothing and fashion industries   
    • The project should include innovation, economic viability and a potential of scalability
    Environmental and Social Value
    • Projects should be compliant with the environment and should create a sustainable impact on the circular economy and society
    • A minimum of 2 members per team, experts in their project  field, must be committed to implementing the project as an independent venture. Preference for youth and women members
    • The founder should hold a Lebanese Nationality and wish to implement the project in Lebanon

    The Program's Timeline & Support Stages

    The program starts in April 2021 and ends in January 2022. Below is the timeline and the description of the different support stages.

    Outreach & Selection

    February 15 – March 31, 2021

    Selecting 40 entrepreneurs in Lebanon in the textile, fashion and clothing industries.

    Capacity Building

    April – Jun 2021

    The selected startups will go through a 2-month capacity building program tailored to support them in developing their green business models, access to finance and market strategies.

    Jury Day | Selection of 4 Projects

    Jul 2021

    Entrepreneurs will pitch in front of a selected jury that will select 4 projects who will continue in the next incubation phase. 
    The pitching teams will be screened based on their value proposition, their innovation, the applicability of their technology, their green business model and scalability potential, their environmental and social impacts, their implementation capacity, and finally on their pitch effectiveness.

    Incubation Support

    Sep 2021 – Apr 2022

    The 4 selected teams will benefit from a 7-month incubation support from Berytech and get in depth technical and business support. The 7-month incubation period will revolve around:  

    • defining a business growth roadmap for the teams and supporting them in the implementation. 
    • facilitating linkages with experts, investors, and professionals – giving the teams access to support programs, market and funding opportunities through Berytech and its partners’ networks.

    The below activities will be open for the STAND Up! Entrepreneurs to apply. 

    Access to Finance

    Mar 2022 – Sep 2022

    10 ventures will be selected based on specific criteria to benefit from:

    • Investment readiness training support and matchmaking opportunities with regional investors and funding programs.

    Access to Markets

    Mar 2022 – Dec 2022

    4 ventures will be selected  based on specific criteria to benefit from: 

    • Soft-landing vouchers in Mediterranean countries to explore growth opportunities and access to business, partnerships and collaboration deals to expand their operations.  


    Please be as detailed and explicit as possible, and if you need assistance please email

    Need more info?

    If you have any questions about the STAND Up! Project, please email, and she will get back to you.