STAND Up! Textile Eco-Innovation Challenge

We need your innovative solutions for real-life challenges facing Lebanese textile and fashion companies in sustainability!

Apply and win 20,000 to develop and implement your solution.

Challenger #3: AHLA FAWDA

Applying innovative upcycling techniques to donated fabrics

AHLA FAWDA is looking for innovative design and upcycling solutions to minimize textile waste coming from discarded donated clothes by repurposing the damaged fabrics into appealing fashion garments and producing beautiful, functional, and highly impactful items and products.

Ahla Fawda
skaff 1

Challenger #2: SKAFF

Upcycling fabric waste & old stocks

SKAFF is looking to collaborate with a Lebanese startup or entrepreneur to develop new products coming from textile waste. 

SKAFF will be offering the winning startup access to its workshop, warehouse and any other space available in the headquarters, as well as the chance to open a Pop-up Store there to sell the startup’s products! 

Challenger #1: La Brocante

Production of Sustainable Fabrics For Furniture Upholstery ​

La Brocante is looking to explore new types of sustainable fabrics to support its furniture upcycling business model, therefore enhancing the social and environmental impact  and contributing to a more circular economy.

About the STAND Up! Eco-Innovation Challenge

With the aim of empowering the Fashion, Clothing, and Textile industry in Lebanon, Berytech is launching the Textile Eco-Innovation Challenge that offers the opportunity to develop sustainable innovations by Lebanese entrepreneurs for companies in this field. This initiative is part of STAND Up!, an EU-funded Program, that empowers the sustainable textile sector in the Mediterranean.

Who can apply?

  • Lebanese early and growth stage ventures and Lebanese independent entrepreneurs offering a potential innovative solution to the challenges.

What will you get?

  • Voucher of 20,000 to develop and implement the solution and to be spent on technical assistance, expertise, and validation.
  • Access to the company’s experience and know-how.
  • Access to industry expertise and networks.
  • Visibility services.
  • Support in positioning the startups in the market (brand awareness).
  • Involvement with a prestigious brand, stable financial standing, a network of connections, and a developed product ecosystem.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection criteria for the best solution is as below:

  • The start-up is at early/ growth stage.
  • The proposed solution has a clear positive environmental and social impact.
  • The voucher scheme has the potential to correctly help develop the proposed solution.
  • The proposed solution has a clear capacity to be sustained in the long-term and is economically viable.
  • The solution is considered highly innovative (ex: by introducing new services to local communities, introducing new products into the market, etc..).
  • The solution has a unique value proposition.

Applications are closed.

Apply if you have an innovative solution for the sustainability challenge facing SKAFF in and win 20,000 to develop and implement your solution.

Head to The Switchers' Open-Eco Innovation Platform, create an account, find the challenges posted for Lebanon, and submit your application. Solutions will be developed and implemented between February and June 2023.

Need more info?

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