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ZOOM IN: LVPx, Upcycling & Customized Embroidery

LVPx is an upcycling and embroidery service where clients can send their clothes or home-wear and get them uniquely hand-embroidered by female artisans living in Beirut. Clients can customize colors and placements before the items are returned to them beautifully packaged and uniquely revived.  

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ZOOM IN: La Boutique Sociale, Circular Fashion At Its Best

La Boutique Sociale is a social enterprise working on zero waste in textile by doing upcycling and recycling. They collect unwanted donated clothes and items and sort them into different categories to be reused in different ways: selling pieces in very good condition to vulnerable people at a very low price, while pieces that are in a bad condition are upcycled in their outlets.   

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ZOOM IN: Lebamoz, Valorizing Banana Waste

Lebamoz collect wasted banana stems and process them into fibers, yarns, and fabrics creating locally produced natural and sustainable raw materials for both local and international markets. Their labor-intensive process empowers rural communities, increases farmer income, and reduces waste and carbon footprint.

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