QOOT Cluster members increase their export readiness

Posted on December 29, 2021

QOOT Cluster is working along with its partners to open international markets to its members”


Increasing export only contributes to higher economic growth, sustainability, job creation and is incredibly important to a country facing economic crisis such as Lebanon. Therefore, QOOT Cluster has as a mission to assist agri-food businesses in accessing new markets, featuring them in international trade shows, supporting them as they expand globally, and facilitating collaboration with international stakeholders.

On December 2nd, 2021, eight QOOT Cluster members (Cedar’s Premium, Darmmess, Eshmoon, Grapeful, Raw bites, The good thymes, The three brothers and Zejd) showcased their products in a three-day event at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington DC, titled ‘Taste of Lebanon’, in collaboration with Fair Trade Lebanon, BIEEL, ALI, IDAL and supported by UNIDO, PSDP.

The members have participated in this ‘Meet the buyer’ along with 31 other Lebanese companies and around 80 invitees. Several US food agents and brokers were brought on board to provide future consultancy and ensure a smooth market entry

According to Amira El Mourad, Berytech’s Director of Programs for SMEs “QOOT Cluster is working along with its partners to follow up with these brokers and the Lebanese companies until concrete deals are signed and consequently opening the international markets one after the other.”

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