ScaleSmart: Paving an Investment Path for Lebanese Startups

ScaleSmart Investment readiness program
The ScaleSmart Program is focal in setting startups with high growth potential on the right path to raise funds, a step that is crucial for their successful scaling and the country’s economic growth at the same time.

Berytech launches the ScaleSmart Program, a four-year investment readiness and scale-up program that aims to support pre-seed and seed startups across all sectors in Lebanon by bridging the funding gap for early-stage startups and equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan a solid fundraising path and scale their ventures.

The ScaleSmart program is part of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub, an initiative by Berytech funded by the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands. The initiative was launched in 2019 and renewed in 2022 to further multiply its impact in catalyzing innovation and growth in the agrifood and clean technology sectors.  

ScaleSmart Supporting Lebanese Startups

The ScaleSmart Program was conceived from the reality that raising funds is one of the essential aspects of scaling a startup or a venture, yet access to those funds for early-stage startups is limited and challenging. With the aim to empower startups across different sectors in Lebanon, ScaleSmart supports startups in becoming investment-ready by providing tailored training and mentorship, linking them to investment networks and opportunities, and helping them plan their investment journey and scale-up their operations.  

Become Investment Ready Through The ScaleSmart Program 

Through this program, Berytech aims at enabling startups to grow and sustain their operations and contribute to more job creations for the youth across Lebanon. The program intends to accomplish this by supporting 20 pre-seed and seed startups over the span of four years to become investment-ready and matching them with investment opportunities through several events and linkages. 

“The ScaleSmart Program is focal in setting startups with high growth potential on the right path to raise funds, a step that is crucial for their successful scaling and the country’s economic growth at the same time,” expresses COO of Berytech, Ramy Boujawdeh

Scale In Lebanon and Beyond 

“Most early-stage startup founders often find themselves asking the same three questions when looking for pre-seed and seed investment; What is the most suitable way to find funding, where can I find the right investors, and how much is my startup worth? What’s promising about this Scale Smart Program is that it does a great job in addressing these three pivotal questions,” stated Investment Advisor, Constantin Salameh

Startups that are selected to embark on this investment readiness journey will benefit from various areas of support vital for paving a promising investment path. Throughout the program, experts will work closely with startups to build their data rooms and determine their startup’s value; build a solid investment pitch deck; and link startups to senior executives and advisors from Lebanon, the Netherlands and internationally; capacitate founders to plan their startup’s fundraising path and lead successful negotiations with different types of investors; and link startups to investors through investment events and one-on-one matchmaking. 

What Does it Take to Join? 

As a sector-agnostic program with a strong focus on impact creation, ScaleSmart will accept five startups in each cycle, from different industries and regions across Lebanon. To qualify for selection, startups must be at pre-seed or seed level, legally registered or in the process of registering, and operating either partially or fully in Lebanon. Additionally, they should have a validated Go-To-Market strategy, a multidisciplinary and complementary team, a clear need for funding, and a tech-enabled or science-based product or service with a social or environmental impact. 

Learn more about the program and how to apply here

The ACT Smart Innovation Hub  

The ScaleSmart program is under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub, a comprehensive initiative launched by Berytech aimed at enabling the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem, revitalizing the funding and investment sector, stimulating innovation and startup creation, and strengthening the competitiveness, growth, and market access for innovative businesses in the agriculture, food and clean technology sectors in Lebanon. 

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