Scaling Lebanon’s Most Innovative Startups

Berytech is providing startup founders across all sectors with the support they need to start their investment journey, connect with potential investors and scale their startups. 

While applications are closed at the moment, you can pre-apply to the program by filling out this interest form.

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About the program

Supporting twenty early-stage startups to become investment ready, connect to investors, and scale

The ScaleSmart program aims to support pre-seed or seed startups working in different sectors to scale up by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan a solid fundraising path, matching them with investors and investment opportunities, and improving their chances of successfully raising funds.

Throughout each of its four cycles, the program will provide five startups with tailored mentorship and hands-on support to develop a proper governance structure, scaling strategy, financial model and valuation, investment deck, and data room.

The program will also connect the startups with local and international advisors and link them with potential investors to access financial resources and scale their operations.

20 Startups

Tailored Support

Access to Investors

The program's goals

Revitalizing the startup investing ecosystem and re-driving the economy

Opening access to capital

Facilitating investment opportunities for startups to support the sustainability of their operations and growth

Creating job opportunities

Reducing Lebanon’s brain-drain and unemployment rates particularly among women and youth

Boosting the economy

Revitalizing the funding sector in Lebanon after being severely affected by the local and international crises

"The ScaleSmart Program is focal in setting startups with high growth potential on the right path to raise funds, a step that is crucial for their successful scaling and the country’s economic growth at the same time."

Part of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub

The ACT Smart Innovation Hub is a comprehensive initiative launched by Berytech to enable the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate innovation and startup creation in the agriculture, food, and clean technology sectors.

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Co-funded by The Kingdom of The Netherlands

ACT Smart Innovation Hub is co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon. The Netherlands supports programs that are aimed at strengthening Lebanon’s social infrastructure and improving prospects for its people.

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While applications are closed at the moment, you can pre-apply to the program by filling out this interest form.

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