STAND Up! Accelerator Program: deadline for applications extended!

The call, developed within the frame of the Growing Innovation Program, has as a main purpose to select 40 projects for each country.

The partners managing the STAND Up! Project have officially postponed the deadline for submitting applications to the call for entrepreneurs and eco-innovative business projects until March 31, 2021.

Launched simultaneously last February 15 in the five countries involved – Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia, the deadline to apply to the program was extended until the end of the month in order to answer all requests sent by potential participants and provide further information on how to complete the registration form. 

The call, developed within the frame of the Growing Innovation Program, has as a main purpose to select 40 projects for each country. Ventures selected will ideally be managed by young innovators, entrepreneurs and startups which have a sustainable idea or eco-innovative solution in the fashion, clothing and textile industry to be turned into a scalable and circular business.

The selected participants will have access to a capacity-building program tailored to support them in developing and validating their green business models, through tailored business support activities and innovation opportunities.

The STAND Up! Project aims at involving about 200 applicants from the Mediterranean area which will be directly committed to activities and benefit from the innovation assets of the project.

STAND Up! is an EU-funded project under the ENICBCMED Programme with a total budget of 3.7 million euros to enhance scalable, replicable and inclusive circular economy ventures in the Mediterranean.

Learn more about the Call for Applications and the Info Session in Lebanon.


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