The Clyntech and Agrytech Programs at HORECA Lebanon – 2024 

At this year’s 28th edition of HORECA Lebanon, the Clyntech and Agrytech programs championed the spirit of collaboration and open innovation. Under the Innovate, Collaborate, Succeed slogan, the 4-day gathering allowed for different activities and initiatives by these programs, paving the way for potential partnerships and driving industry-wide innovation.    

Moderated by Lara El Khoury – the Innovation Hub Programs Director – a dynamic panel featured industry experts Sally El Armaly – Head of Food and Beverage cluster at Fattal Group – and Bechara Alam – Owner of Brand Optimizer ME. The talk explored the transformative power of open innovation within the agrifood and distribution sectors, and gave insight into the latest trends and emerging technologies, providing attendees with valuable perspectives on the industry’s evolution. The panel also tackled the power of change within these fields, and dove into how innovation can optimize the operational activities and enhance customer experiences.  

The team held strategic meetings with key stakeholders from the agrifood and cleantech sectors, igniting discussions for potential collaborations and partnerships to promote the open innovation mindset within the agri-food and cleantech industries.   

The Agrytech and Clyntech programs’ involvement at HORECA Lebanon highlighted their dedication to driving industry-wide innovation and fostering a culture of collaboration, growth, and continuous advancement.   

About ACT Smart Innovation Hub

The ACT Smart Innovation Hub is co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon. The Netherlands supports programs that are aimed at strengthening Lebanon’s social infrastructure and improving prospects for its people. 

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