Zoom In: ReFuse, Opportunity In Waste 

Our mission is to support as many people as possible in our community by providing a one-of-a-kind energy solution that is crucial in these times of crisis, and we strongly believe that this solution is the future of sustainable construction.

What They Do:  

ReFuse is a company whose mission is to work with underserved communities affected by waste hazards. Individuals are encouraged to sort their recyclables and are rewarded for doing so. Where most people see a pile of waste, ReFuse sees resources and opportunities to improve people’s lives. They want to connect communities and industries by providing a crucial link to empower people by leveraging the value of their recyclables.  

Startup Experience: 

“We believe that three elements are required to support a startup in its early stages: guidance, local knowledge, and connections. We applied to the Cleanergy program because we thought Berytech could provide them all at once, which it did. 

We have successfully equipped and publicly disclosed two physical drop-off locations for our customers’ recyclables. So far, the ReFuse community consists of 4500 people who regularly donate their waste to be recycled, and we hope to expand our community even further because we believe that the larger our network grows, the greater the impact we can make. 

We are also pleased to announce that our team has grown to 13 talented and dedicated individuals in the last year. We work together to overcome power outages, the paralysis of government services, and even the country’s financial instability. 

However, managing accounting and administrative procedures related to external funding remains one of our day-to-day challenges. We hope to make these practices more orderly and consistent in the future. We intend to do so by staying focused on our goal. While administrative challenges may appear overwhelming, the key is to maintain faith in the significance of your work and the impact of your company’s mission. 

By the end of the program, we intend to have two fully operational collection points. Furthermore, we hope to provide essential services to as many Bourj Hammoud residents as possible. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we aim to broaden our social and environmental impact through our approach to sustainable waste management.” 

About The Cleanergy Accelerator Program 

Berytech is catalyzing cleantech innovations through a yearly three-phase program that allows cleantech entrepreneurs to grow their startup from an idea into a scalable business. With funding and support from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Berytech designed and developed the Cleanergy Program to make sure Lebanon has the most competitive companies innovating in clean technology. Learn more about the  Cleanergy Program. 

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Picture of Rhea Gharios

Rhea Gharios

Rhea Gharios joined Berytech as a trainee in the Communications and Outreach department in June 2022. She is a current student at the American University of Beirut graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration, specialized in marketing in 2023.

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