Lebanon Innovate: Promoting Knowledge & Innovation Communities in #AFID23

Mohab Anis Panel Lebanon Innovate at AFID2023
The session aimed to awareness and foster engagement among key stakeholders, highlighting the program's vision and the vast potential for collaboration within the agrifood innovation ecosystem.

Lebanon Innovate, the newly launched EU-funded program that aims at fostering innovation and supporting intellectual property and knowledge transfer in Lebanon, created an impactful presence at the Agri-Food Innovation Days 2023.

The program’s team organized a fireside chat to introduce the mission, vision, and objectives of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) under the Program, followed by the launch of the Agrifood KICs, introducing key players in innovation to the concept and inviting them to actively engage and participate in the initiative.

Dr. Mohab Anis Panel Discussion at #AFID2023

The Importance of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities

The fireside chat, a conversation between Dr. Mohab Anis, CEO of Innovety and Lebanon Innovate Program Consultant, and Suha Hallab, Program Manager attracted 200 participants.

It provided the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the mission, vision, and objectives of the KICs. Dr. Anis explained the elaborate workings of KICs, substantiating his points with compelling real-life examples, emphasizing the profound impact that KICs are poised to have on the country, both in the short term and the long term.

Knowledge, Collaboration, and Innovation

The Berytech team launched the Knowledge & Innovation Communities (KICs), in a session attended by stakeholders from diverse sectors including industrialists, researchers, academics, and innovators.

The session aimed to awareness and foster engagement among key stakeholders, highlighting the program’s vision and the vast potential for collaboration within the agrifood innovation ecosystem.

The KICs were established to address challenges in Lebanon’s innovation ecosystem. The communities will tackle a myriad of challenges, including the scarcity of information, inadequate connectivity and collaboration, insufficient funding and recognition for prototypes, and the limited commercialization of research. By targeting these pressing issues, the KICs aim to foster a more robust and thriving innovation landscape in Lebanon.

The session outlined the KICs’ model and recruitment criteria for program champions who would spearhead the program’s initiation.

Nadine Slim, the program’s senior coordinator, provided insights into the next steps and process. The event ended with an inspiring closing note from the program manager, emphasizing the transformative power of KICs on Lebanon’s innovation ecosystem.

Impact and KIC Call for Community Members

The Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) aims to establish crucial linkages between Business Support Organizations (BSOs), government institutions, universities, research centers, and industrialists. Lebanon Innovate is seeking strategic key members to spearhead the KIC’s launch, driving innovation and sustainable growth.

Interested stakeholders are invited to submit membership applications through the designated landing page on the Lebanon Innovate platform. This exclusive opportunity allows individuals and organizations to actively engage and contribute to the KICs’ pioneering efforts, fostering collaboration and propelling Lebanon’s ecosystem toward a prosperous future. Sign up here.

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