TTO Booster Track

THE NEXT SOCIETY tech transfer booster track offers tailor-made activities for researchers, managers of technology transfer offices (TTOs) and industry leaders to support the commercialisation of innovation towards industry.

Programs Developed and Managed by Berytech

Local & Regional Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory is a program allowing researchers and novel entrepreneurs in Lebanon to develop their innovation in any technology-based sector into commercially viable products and applications. 

The program, based on technology transfer, gives participants international exposure with access to local and global markets, B2B networks, and a pool of seasoned experts, mentors, and investors.

Research to Innovation Labs

The Research to Innovation Lab: A Go To-Market Coaching for Technology Transfer Officers program provides tailor-made guidance from experts and opportunities to get local and international exposure to promote technology portfolios. 

The aim is to empower TTOs in managing commercialization processes for applied research and facilitate the interface and exchange between research and industry players.

Setting a national innovation strategy for Lebanon

Berytech has been leading on setting a national innovation strategy for Lebanon since 2017, as part of THE NEXT SOCIETY action plan initiated by ANIMA Investment Network and implemented in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia with the financial support of the European Union.

Advocacy Panels & Technical Assistance Mission

The main objective of the first advocacy panel, held in November 2017, was to benchmark innovation in Lebanon with other Mediterranean countries. Technology transfer was identified as one of the main issues to be tackled to reinforce the Lebanese innovation ecosystem. 

The second advocacy panel was held in September 2018 to discuss the progress that had been achieved by Lebanon, and to identify the most promising sectors when it comes to innovation and competitiveness that should be addressed first by THE NEXT SOCIETY action plan. The panel participants decided to address the need for enhanced technology transfer support mechanisms through a technical assistance mission.

Championed by Berytech, the Technical Assistance Mission was then conducted in 2019 as a follow-up to the public-private dialogue initiated during the two previous advocacy panel meetings. The objective was improving the process of the technology transfer landscape in Lebanon by proposing a methodology that is able to empower researchers and students  in the process of turning their end of year research projects into viable businesses.

Actionable Recommendations to boost Technology Transfer

Experts hired by Berytech have written a report which proposes a roadmap of 29 actionable recommendations for universities and other key ecosystem players to boost the technology transfer dynamics in Lebanon. It defines a financing mechanism and a reward system to incentivize researchers in Lebanon to develop projects with a commercialization potential.

There is a need to develop the technology transfer landscape and encourage the development of researches that address market needs turning them into commercial startups, or better, connecting them with industrialists. 

If you are an active player in technology transfer and would like to implement the best practices and framework to grow the ecosystem in Lebanon, please fill in this form to receive the full report. Read the article here.

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