Sales & Marketing Strategy Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Sales and Marketing Digital Transformation is about re-thinking your customer engagement model and how to leverage on disruptive technologies and re-design business activities to form customer success.


Berytech has enlisted the expertise of HEED – Sales Management Consulting Firm, to conduct a series of webinars on Sales & Marketing Strategy Digital Transformation.

Throughout this series, we will cover the digital transformation strategy on Sales and Marketing areas: Digitizing sales strategy, End-to-End Customer Journey, Digital Marketing strategies, better Audience Targeting, Marketing automation workflows, Harnessing the Power of Data, etc.

These online workshops are part of the Helping SMEs Build Resilience Program recently launched by Berytech under the The Rapid Response and Recovery Programme, led by Youth Business International (YBI) and funded by, to support underserved micro, small and medium businesses to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Indeed, Berytech has been appointed as a delivery partner of YBI in Lebanon. The team is now working with YBI to develop and deliver an urgent package of support to struggling local businesses. This includes setting up a crisis helpline, targeted advice and signposting, online training through webinars and mentoring.

Learn more below and register for the sessions here. This is a complete program in 6 modules and attendees will have to attend all 6 sessions.

Module 1: How Customers are Changing – and its Impact on Today’s Selling

Almost everything we knew in Sales before is now not applicable. Thus, to coop with the new norm, it is first important to unlearn, before we start learning. Understand the change in buyer behaviour, buyers’ new perception of salespeople, sales behaviours, decision making processes, and expectations of salespeople. This session explains everything you need to know about your clients’ buying journeys, and how they are expecting to interact with salespeople and the new building blocks of trust.

Module 2: Digital Sales and Marketing Transformation – Basic

Digital Sales Transformation has been a hot subject for most companies for the past years, but few have addressed the “digital transformation” of a salesforce, methodologies and processes to reach out to clients virtually, build trust, and walk the entire sales journey in a digital world, which is a more sophisticated process than current thinking. Thus, we will understand the components of having a successful Digital Sales and Marketing Transformation.

Module 3: Digital Sales and Marketing Transformation – Advanced

Effectively implementation the next generation sales and personalized digital marketing is crucial phase to reach a successful business today. We will dig deep in building and targeting your buyer’s persona, identifying needed tools to operate with, Analyzing Impact and Results, and harnessing the power of data.

Module 4: CRM and Marketing Tools

Technology is the mean for a successful business growth but not the goal. Finding the right tool for each objective that fits your business situation and mission is an important factor for your business development. In this module we will look into some of the latest tools in sales and marketing, how to evaluate their fit, and benefit from their features. Understanding the importance of a CRM tool implementation at any business stage for an effective visibility and smart follow up and growth planning.

Module 5: E-commerce Strategies and Tactics

eCommerce is not meant only for local retailers or businesses who are transitioning online. In this module we will look into best trends and strategies to start and/or grow your online business. how to generate traffic, identify and segment the best customers, leverage data to make smarter decisions for the business.

Module 6: Personalized Digital Marketing

It is definitely not about customization of your product/service, it is an overall re-thinking business strategy of how to put all your resources and communication into working for the same goal in many different channels to have a 360-degree presence in the potential customer’s life. In this module we will dig into effective personalized digital marketing, effective use of social media in digital marketing, and harnessing the power of data for better targeting.

Helping SMEs Build Resilience Program

Berytech joins Youth Business International’s Rapid Response and Recovery Programme, funded by, to support struggling businesses during the covid-19 crisis.

During this 12-month program, Berytech in collaboration with and YBI will provide immediate response and online trainings for SMEs. A direct Helpline will be available. For selected applicants, mentoring, business clinics and trainings will be offered by Berytech and Google experts.

Learn more about the program and how to benefit from it here.

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