Second Cycle of BASATINE MSME Programme Empowers Small Businesses in Lebanon’s Agri-Food Value Chain

The programme's full range of services will ensure that targeted farmers and market actors experience long-term changes.

The BASATINE MSME programme is an initiative that aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) working in the agri-food value chain in Lebanon. The programme’s first cycle, which provided in-kind funding and support to 50 applicants, was a major success, with 50% of the participating businesses being women-led.

The programme is now open for its second cycle, reserved for 52 applicants. These businesses will receive customized support to better sustain and grow their operations. Basatine works directly with value chain actors in the cereal, legume, and vegetable sectors in Akkar and Beqaa, two regions chosen for their potential positive impact on economic development and social harmony.

Through the BASATINE programme, many farms, Lebanese and refugee seasonal workers, value chains, and associated sector actors and MSMEs will benefit. The full range of services will ensure that targeted farmers and market actors experience long-term changes.

The BASATINE programme is funded by l’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and is implemented by a consortium of six NGOs: CARE, Mercy Corps, Berytech Foundation, Georges N. Frem Foundation, Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training, and Al Majmoua. Each of these organizations brings unique expertise and resources to the programme, making it a truly collaborative effort.

Supporting Lebanese MSMEs & Value Chain Actors

The MSME programme offered through BASATINE is a crucial aspect of the initiative. Small and medium-sized enterprises often struggle to access the resources and support they need to grow and thrive. Through the programme, participants receive mentorship, training, and access to a network of industry experts and resources. This support is essential for them to navigate the challenges of the agri-food value chain and to build sustainable businesses.

In addition to the MSME programme, the BASATINE initiative also focuses on working with value chain actors to create long-term change. This involves developing partnerships with farmers, processors, traders, and other stakeholders to promote sustainable and inclusive practices. By working together, these actors can create a more resilient and equitable agri-food sector in Lebanon.

Overall, the BASATINE programme is a crucial initiative for promoting economic development and social harmony in Lebanon. By supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and working with value chain actors to promote sustainability and inclusivity, the programme is making a significant positive impact on the country’s agri-food sector. The programme’s success in its first cycle is a testament to the importance of such initiatives and the need for continued support for MSMEs in Lebanon and beyond.

You can learn more about BASATINE on their page and apply here.

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