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Haulo is a digital platform connecting customers to carriers in order to ship their items, in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Cloud Pads

With 80% of menstruators in the MENA region favoring disposable sanitary pads over any other product, Cloud aims to redesign period care for the modern menstruator by offering a period pad that is[...]


Ardona is a startup working on decreasing the waste in the agriculture sector and produce local organic animal feed.

Azca Solar      

Azca Solar is creating low-cost solar water heaters with a simple, tankless system where the solar collector and the tank are in the sameunit.            


EnviroWaste aims to foster community-driven governance for sustainable solid waste management and innovation in Lebanon, by mimicking a zero-waste model inspired by nature.

Green Growth Generation     

GreenGrowthGeneration is a participatory platform to boost green growth by connecting eco-communities

Green Soap    

Green soap are on a mission to minimize food waste by converting used cooked oil into soap by adding sodium hydroxide.


HVACION is a mechanical UVC-assisted COVID19 annihilator equipment (standalone and central) that eradicates 99.999% airborne viruses during transmission flow from infected sources to uninfected sinks.


MOWEC launched in January 2021 with a mission to counter climate change by ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.          

Semaan Company      

Semaan Company is developing an innovative construction brick composed of plastic waste and sand with an alternative method of construction.


SRV is working to reduce energy consumption in air conditioning with a new AC system that has a lower cost, lower consumption, and higher efficiency.

Two Better

Two Better is a startup working on recycling plastic waste and turning them into aesthetic products, through providing sustainable and unique designs.


Sorters in an online platform that aims to optimize the work of recycling facilities by easily linking them to their customers.


Hexafresh is a new eco-friendly cooling technology that consumes less electricity than an air conditioner and cools the room better than a fan.


INFRASTIC is a startup working on a new construction technology, made up of plastic ‎processed pigments to replace ‎the traditional hollow block.‎

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