Enabling Innovation in the Green and Blue Economies

The Startup10 program aims to drive growth in the green and blue economies by accelerating startups with innovative solutions across 10 countries.

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About the Program

Offering growth opportunities to innovative startups working on impactful solutions

STARTUP10 is a growing initiative across 10 countries designed to select and elevate 140 startups operating within the realms of the green and blue economies. Through a 6-month coaching program led by CIHEAM Bari’s International Experts, the program offers a pathway for growth, knowledge, and the opportunity to turn promising solutions into viable businesses.

Berytech’s support through this program includes

The Program’s Prize

The winning startup will receive

€ 5.000

in the form of support tools, training, coaching, services, and equipment.


open innovation program with a partnering Italian company.

The Program’s Timeline

January 2024

Training of trainers

January 2024

March 2024

Call for applications

March 2024

May 11, 2024

Closing of applications

May 11, 2024

May 2024

Startup selection results

May 2024

June - November 2024

Business coaching program for startups

June - November 2024

December 2024

Pitching and selection of the finalist

December 2024

The Program's Goals

Empowering Startups for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Fostering Food Security

Enabling startups to address global challenges in food sustainability.

Enhancing Youth Employment

Opening doors for young entrepreneurs across partner countries.

Promoting Digital Innovation

Encouraging the integration of digital technologies in the green and blue economies.

The Program's Focus Areas

Sustainable management of natural resources

Sustainable agriculture practices

Smart farming technologies

Crop protection & eco-friendly fertilizers

Biotechnology in agriculture (Genetics & Breeding)

Livestock & poultry management technologies

Farming robotics and automation

Innovative food products and processes

Valorization of neglected and underutilized crops (NUS)

Novel farming systems (e.g., vertical, indoor, hydroponics)

Post-harvest solutions for produce quality maintenance

Farm to consumer business models

Recycling and waste management strategies

Smart irrigation & water management systems

Sustainable fishing practices

Aquaculture management and innovation

Application Guidelines

  • The applications should be sent on behalf of companies, not individuals.

  • The companies should be formally registered for at least 1 year from the application deadline.

  • The companies should have active sales in the market.
  • The applications should include the team members’ names and roles.

  • The project should be innovative and achievable, and should contribute to the green and/or blue economies.

    Join the program through one of our five partners

    (Covering North Mount Lebanon)

    (Covering The Beirut Region)

    (Covering North Lebanon)

    (Covering The Bekaa Region)

    (Covering South Mount Lebanon)

    Are you ready to grow and scale your business solutions?

    Application deadline: May 11, 2024

    What are the innovations needed in the agrifood and cleantech sectors?

    What is Cleantech?

    Learn more about the clean technology sector

    What is Agrifood?

    Learn more about the agriculture and food sector

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    Partner Growth

    About The Partner Growth Program

    IdeaLab is part of Berytech’s Partner Growth Program under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub. Partner Growth was launched to enable five Support Organizations in different Lebanese regions, for three consecutive years, to source entrepreneurs with innovative solutions in the agrifood and clean technology sectors, assist them in ideating and validating their solutions through the IdeaLab Program, and initiate them to apply and join the Agrytech or Clyntech Accelerators and grow their businesses.

    Success Stories

    Berytech has graduated successful startups who have started with an idea and innovated scalable solutions in the sectors of agrifood and cleantech. Discover their journeys and get inspired to start!


    Your idea or solution should embody a potential innovation in technology or the business model, avoiding any sense of being over-represented or clichéd. Moreover, the idea should carry significant impact, whether it’s on economic, social, environmental, or other relevant aspects.

    By integrating one of the various technology components within your product, service, or process. This includes components such as hardware, software, IOT, low tech, biotechnology and life science, robotics and animation, nanotechnology, etc.

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