Enabling the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Across Lebanon

Berytech has partnered with Innovation Support Organizations located in different regions, empowering them to catalyze entrepreneurship across the Lebanese ecosystem.

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About the program

Berytech has created the Partner Growth Program under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub Initiative to enable five Support Organizations in different Lebanese regions, for three consecutive years, to source entrepreneurs with innovative solutions in the agrifood and clean technology sectors, assist them in ideating and validating their solutions through the IdeaLab Program, and initiate them to apply and join the Agrytech or Clyntech Accelerators and grow their businesses.

Increasing economic resiliency & employment

Building the next generation of entrepreneurs

Decreasing Lebanon’s brain drain

The program helps innovation support organizations across Lebanon

  • Acquire the skills and tools necessary to support entrepreneurs for this program and grow their potential to take part in other programs.
  • Receive capacity building to implement this program with the long-term vision of implementing other programs.
  • Run regional outreach activities to initiate and attract innovative ideas in agrifood and clean tech in their communities.
  • Organize ideation training as part of the IdeaLab Program, for entrepreneurs and idea stage startups in their respective areas.
  • Conduct validation training as part of the IdeaLab Program, where selected entrepreneurs receive up to $1.5K to validate their ideas and get the chance to receive acceleration support.

    The program in numbers

    5 Partners

    to be selected and supported from across Lebanon

    3 Years

    of implementation, running from Jan. 2023 till Dec. 2025

    250 startups

    to be supported in 5 batches of 10 startups by each partner

    $75K Grants

    $1.5K per startup, offered during the 2-month IdeaLab Program

    Eligibility criteria

    Innovation support organizations

    The program is open to incubators, accelerators, for-profit enterprises, or other relevant entrepreneurship and innovation support stakeholders.

    Organization Location

    The organization should be located and operating in one of the following areas:
    North (Koura, Tripoli and Akkar) - North of Mount Lebanon (Metn, Kesserwan, Byblos…)

    Organization Facilities

    The organization's facilities should include a space to accommodate a minimum of 30 participants. The space should have internet and amenities.

    Meet our partners

    Michel Daher Foundation

    Michel Daher Foundation (MDF) was established in 2014 to reduce migration and immigration.  MDF aims to support the livelihoods of people living in unprivileged areas by helping them lead more fruitful lives in the Bekaa region. It contributes to the rural community development through multiple facets including health care, building human capacity, promoting sustainable development, and a clean environment. Learn More

    Park Innovation

    Park Innovation is a community project and business incubator based in Chouf offering several unique streams and resources to empower tech entrepreneurs and tech employment, including coding bootcamps and pre-acceleration programs. Park Innovation is playing its role in supporting the knowledge economy for the greater technological potential for the Chouf region and all of Lebanon.

    Learn more

    INJAZ Lebanon

    INJAZ Lebanon is a non-profit organization in North Lebanon that aims to educate and prepare Lebanon’s youth to become qualified and successful employees and entrepreneurs in a growing regional and global economy. INJAZ actively engages the business community through a volunteer-based model that allows independent professionals and corporate volunteers to share their experiences through varied educational programs that focus on entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy. 

    Learn More

    The Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE)

    The Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) is an organization based in Mount Lebanon that aims to promote innovation and empowering innovators while supporting startups and SMEs. ACIE focuses on creating a thriving environment for their community to structure, start and grow their new and existing businesses. The center aims to boost the economy by retaining young talent, creating jobs, and growing existing businesses.

    Learn more

    Farah Social Foundation (FSF)

    Farah Social Foundation (FSF) is a Beirut based non-governmental and non-profit organization that is committed to contribute to the development of the community on a social and economic level, focusing especially on the disadvantaged. FSF is working to eradicate poverty and empower individuals to participate in the development of themselves and their communities.

    Learn more

    The program's timeline

    NOV - DEC 2023

    IdeaLab Batch 2

    • Providing the selected partners with the information, tools, policies and procedures needed to conduct the IdeaLab Program.

    JUNE - JULY 2024

    IdeaLab Batch 3

    • Identifying potential entrepreneurs in the agrifood and cleantech sectors.
    • Establishing relationships with relevant stakeholders. 
    • Organizing and implementing outreach activities to attract entrepreneurs and young innovators willing to create solutions for challenges in the agrifood and cleantech sectors.

    JAN — FEB 2025

    IdeaLab Batch 4

    • Implementing five cycles of 2-month Validation Training
    • Supporting entrepreneurs with mentoring and linkages to be able to validate their ideas.
    • Organizing networking activities for startups in the ecosystem.

    SEP — OCT 2025

    IdeaLab Batch 5

    • Implementing five cycles of 2-month Validation Training
    • Supporting entrepreneurs with mentoring and linkages to be able to validate their ideas.
    • Organizing networking activities for startups in the ecosystem.
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    What is IdeaLab?

    IdeaLab is a two-month entrepreneurship support program being implemented by five partnering organizations in different areas across Lebanon.

    The two-month cycle program allows startups with Cleantech and Agrifoodtech solutions to learn how to identify their problem, validate their solution in the market and create a strong team that has the capacity to take on challenges and scale their startup.

    Based on your location, you can apply to the IdeaLab Program through one of Berytech’s five partnering organizations across Lebanon.

    Apply to the IdeaLab program to validate and develop your Agrifoodtech or Cleantech solution

    The applications to the first batch of the two-month IdeaLab Program are now open with all our partners across different regions in Lebanon.

    Apply now to join the program, identify real challenges and opportunities in the agrifoodtech and cleantech sectors, validate your solution in the market, and create a strong team that has the capacity to take on the challenge and scale.

      Partner Growth - Agrifoodtech and Cleantech solutions

      Partnering With Innovation Support Organizations Across Lebanon

      Part of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub

      The ACT Smart Innovation Hub is a comprehensive initiative launched by Berytech to enable the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate innovation and startup creation in the agriculture, food, and clean technology sectors.

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      Co-funded by The Kingdom of The Netherlands

      ACT Smart Innovation Hub is co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon. The Netherlands supports programs that are aimed at strengthening Lebanon’s social infrastructure and improving prospects for its people.

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