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Rim Mills – Najib Saliba Sons

Rim Mills is one of the biggest non conventional wheat mills in the Bekaa region, a third-generation family business in the food industry that has been in operation since 1952.  Najib Saliba, took[...]


Founded in 2014, NATAGRI is a company that specializes in the agribusiness field. It provides services that cover all the activities of the agriculture value chain and promote sustainable development,[...]

Levant Beverage and Dairy Industries / Dairy Day

Levant Beverage and Dairy Industries (LBDI) is a leading supplier of dairy products manufactured in Lebanon. They are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing quality products with[...]

Eshmoon Holistics

Producer of healthy alternative food items (Chocolate, Cereals, Coffee, etc…) that are made from natural and organic ingredients. Adopting healthy principles of food combinations, the products are[...]

Olive Trade®

Building on a centuries old legacy of passion, craftsmanship and know-how in the olive culture and pressing in the terroir of Baino, in the Akkar region of Lebanon, with a full modernistic vocation,[...]


Agrifresh was established in 2015. It is a Lebanese agricultural and food industrial company, that produces healthy and fresh cut vegetables under the highest international health standards (GLOBAL[...]

Agridev SARL

Agridev sarl was launched in February 2021. Their objective is rely on local structures and use alternative energy while educating consumers on the nutritive value of local diets.

Compost Baladi

Compost Baladi SAL is a Lebanese Social Enterprise specialized in bio-waste management at different scales. Compost Baladi’s products resort to low tech, low cost and locally manufactured waste[...]

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