We support the launch, growth, stabilization and long-term success of innovative business enterprises.

Maroun N. Chammas

Chairman and CEO 

Nibal Houry

Managing Director of Krustallos 

Karim El Khoury

Founder at Via Mobile  

Ayman Abi Abdallah

Founder at Net Variant  

Mazen Farah

Innovative Businesses 

Mohamad Ghaoui


Ziad Sankari

Founder at Cardio Diagnostics 

Issam Ayyad

Founder at Total Media Cast SAL 

Nabil Arnaout

Founder at Innwaves SAL 

Zeina Kassem

President at Roads For Life 

Tarek Abdel Khalek

Fouder at TYCONZ Technology Consultants 

Omar Bader

Founder at Pin Pay SAL 

Marwan Hakim

Founder at Aiia Solutions LTD 

Michel Haddad

Founder at National Instruments Lebanon Corporation  

Fadi Dabbagh

Founder at Mistile Lebanon SAL 

Frederic Eprem

Founder at The Film House SARL 

Ali Shamseddine


Celine Khoury


Joseph Abou Samra


Zadi Hobeika

Digital Strategy- Online Advertising 

Rami el Hajjar

CEO at Wext Wise 

Abdallah Haddad


Ahmad Bizri


Nassar El Ashkar

Founder at OGER Systems 

Rabih Nassar

Founder & CEO at Script 

Fouad Goraieb

Chief Executive Officer at Invigo 

Ralph Bitar

Founder at Softmind 

Michele Tyan

Creative Industries & Multimedia 

Anthony Berberi

Head of Financial Services Project at Sybase 

Gaby El Deek

Founder at Omnisystems (Bluetech) 

Toufic Saghbini

Managing Partner at Entelligence SARL 

Nadim Warde

Founder at Equadis  

Michel Kattouah

Founder at Procomix  

Tony Feghali

Managing Partner at Potech 

Samih Geha

Founder of Actuscope 

Michel Sfeir

Chairman and GM of Paravision 

Yann Rotil

Managing Partner at Ebiz Production 

Selim Dagher

Executive Director at INC Research 

Celine Chami

Innovative Businesses 

Sami Saab

Founder CEO and Creative Director at Phenomena 

Joy El Mouallem

Innovative Businesses 

Georges Khalil

Founder at Active ID 

Maha Lahoud

Founder at Play Lebanon  

Antoine Samaha

Founder at 01Barmaja 

Hani Faddoul

Founder of Hani Faddoul Production  

Sebastien Leclercq

Fouder at Sebastien Leclercq 

kamil Baaklin

Creative Industries & Multimedia 

Elie Rouhana

Innovative Businesses 

Liliane Baaklini

Founder at Leba Group 

Selim Kassab

Founder at Proserv ME 

Camille Abdelnour

CEO of HCP-MEPPO Lebanon 

Antoine Kaldany

Chairman & CEO at Yelloblue sal 

Maya de Freige

President at the Lebanon Cinema Foundation (FLC) 

Costi Papadopoulos

Managing Partner at DC Soft 

Oliver Ojeil

Founder at ClicheVFX 

Nidal Roustom

Founder of Indigo Consulting 

Georges Labaki

CEO at Phoenix Clinical Research 

Tarek Bakkar

Founder at Innovative Medical Solutions-Medical Devices 

Samer Katrib

Managing Director at Yields Management 

Nasser Hammoud

General Manager at Sword Lebanon, 

Donna Mc Gowan

Director at British Council 

Cyril Hadji-Thomas

Founder at Keeward  

Manal Haddara

Founder at M - by Manal Haddara  

Elias Abou-Fadel

Managing Partner at BD Consult 

Sheryn Knaider

Founder of Sherynkay.com 

Aziz Zoghbi

Levant Country manager and Clinical Project Lead at MCT-CRO 

Zeina El-Khoury

Founding Partner of STRAT Associates s.a.l 

Negib Abou Habib

General Manager at BPS 

Shaza Faour

Managing Partner at Banque de Credit National (BNC) 

George Bou Malhab

Managing Partner at Attitude 

Philip Dagher

Managing Partner at Bank of Baghdad 

Elie-Gregoire Khoury

Founder at Dermandar 

Dany Aouad

CEO at Edulab  

Hagop Harmandarian

Technology; Innovative Businesses 

Charles Hajj

Founder of Grapes 

Ghalya Fayad

Programme Leader - Arab world Programme at Greenpeace Mediterranean 

Hind Hobeika

Founder at Instabeat 

Omar Rawdah

Managing Director at T-Grids 

Antoine Khadige

Managing Partner at Exer Protegris 


Nicolas Rouhana

CEO of IM Capital  

Zahy Rabahieh

Founder at Klever 

Siroun Shamigian

Founder at Kamkalima 

Walid Semaan

Founder at Matrix 

Georges Koueik

Founder at Pacshot 

Dima Abou Moussa

Founder at Q Pulse Consulting 

Ray Ragheed Dargham

Founder at StepFeed 

Lucien Kazzi

Director at Teknologix Automation 

Ziad Feghali

CEO and Co-Founder at Wixel Studios  

Mohamad Barada

Founder at Scroll up 

Ronald Farah

Administration and HR 

Ralph Khairallah

Co-founder at Carpolo  

Randa Rustom

Co-founder and deputy managing director at APIS 

Teresa Chahine

Social Entrepreneurship 

Nicolas Zaatar

Co-Founder at NAR 

Mohamad J. Shehab

Owner at FlyingCamp 

Sami Bou Saab

CEO at Speed@BDD. 

Naji Salameh

Managing director at IT Max Global 

Christiane Maskineh

Founder at Centre for Clinical & Health Outcome for Access (CCHO) 

Imad Hajjar

Founder and CEO at Javista.com 

Paul Chucrallah

GM at Berytech Fund 

Charbel Jamous

UI/UX designer 

Nina Abi Fadel

Founder and Managing Director at Eventa 

Patrick Kass-Hanna

Founder at Emagine, Web Developer & Digital Marketer. 

Fida Taher

Managing Partner at Atbaki 

Elsa Aoun

Co-founder and CEO at Ounousa.com 

Samer El Gharib

Founder and CEO at Slighter 

Jeannette Bejjani

Managing Director at Mobilonia 

Karim Ghassan Safieddine

Founder and CEO at Cinemoz 

Rakan Nimer

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at et3arraf SAL 

Hassane Slaibi

CEO & Co-founder at Band Industries. 

Naji Tueni

CEO at Khoolood.com S.A.L. 

Michel Chammas

CEO at B|Synchro 

Toufic Azar

CEO of Meacor 

Arpiné Grigoryan

Director of Operations of News Deeply 

Firas Hamdan

Partner of Edgineers 

Mayda Abou El Hosn

Managing Partner of Edgineers 

Mohamad Ghaoui

Managing Partner of Gaming.me  

Ahmad Iraki

Managing Partner of Gaming.me 

Habib Hayek

Managing Partner of GFK  

Ali Zein

CEO of ideatolife 

Labib Shalak

CEO at MobiNetS 

Anwar Sukarieh

Chairman/CEO at Loopshare 

Hussein Hajo

Co-founder at Yalla Play 

Carine Tawil

Managing Director at Karoline Lang International S.A.L. 

Shahe Kaloustian

Founder at Kaltech SAL  

George Andrea

Managing Director at Financial Knowledge S.A.R.L 

Dr. Elena Machtou

Co-Founder at NeuroManoMed 

Ghislain Esquerre

Chief Executive Officer at EQUADIS 

Bassam AlHakim

VP Strategy and Business Development at Ethos 

Mark Malkoum

CEO at Completure 

Marc Latti

Co-Founder of Ethos 

Christopher Thomas

Co-CEO & Co-founder at Eureeca Capital SPC 

Diane Fadel

Founder at Diane Foundation 

Fadi Rouhana

CEO of MerryBerries 

Ziad Berbery

CEO at Grids Technology 

Tony el Haj

CEO at Horizon  

Dani Mezher

Partner at OB Soft 

Zeina Suleiman

Managing Partner of Digital Innovations ( Bid Affairs ) 

Carla Hitti

Director Of Capadev 

Ramy Sader

Co-founder at Bizaroob 

Nassim Abdel Samad

General Manager at Health in Motion  

Issam Hachem

Co-founder and CEO at Takwin Digital 

Rayan Ismail

Founder and CEO of Fly Foot 

Maurice Mattar

CEO of Feel 22 

Fadi Abbas

CEO of Mobsting 

Rima Chaker

Founder at Murex  

Samer Choumar

CEO at Quandoo Lebanon SAL 

Georges Choueiry

Partner at Bid Affairs 

Vince Ghossoub

CEO at Falafel Games 

Mira Raham

General Manager at Loop SAL 

Ziad Abdallah

Co-Managing Partner at Anzimatech 

Loubna Ibrahim

Founder and CEO at Top Shou 

Ibrahim Fakih

Founder of TrakMD 

Charbel Tawil

Chairman & CEO at Forequest Technologies 

Khalil Rizkallah

General Manager 

Sean Van den Haute

Founder & CEO - Skyjunxion 

Julien Simery

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist (BPPS)