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Producing a Lebanon Map Puzzle using Laser Cutting

This project is a laser engraved and cut Lebanese Map Puzzle designed and produced at the fab lab. The idea of this project is to teach children the geography of Lebanon and introduce to them the  different districts of our country. Parts were designed on Corel Draw, and then produced using piece of  3mm thick Plywood.

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Producing a Custom Cloud Lamp

This is a simple cloud silhouette lamp that is Designed and Produced at the fab lab. Parts were first designed on Fusion 360, and then produced from 18mm Birch plywood using the Shopbot CNC milling machine. Parts were then glued together to form the lamp shown.

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Tree of Life V-carving – CNC Milling

This project describes and shows how to produce a simple Tree of Life wood art using the V-carving option on a CNC milling machine at the Fab Lab. The design was downloaded from https://3axis.co/ and then CNC milled using 18 mm MDF Material on a CNC Milling Machine.

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Custom Chess Board Production

This project is a Chess Set that is digitally fabricated at the fab lab using SLA 3D printing technology and Laser Engraving and Cutting. Design of Chess Pieces were downloaded from Thingiverse from the following link, and printed using Black and White resin on the Form 2 SLA 3d Printer. Board was designed locally on Autocad, and then engraved and cut on the epilog laser cutter using Acrylic material.

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Tree of Life – Wall Art Production

This project  is a Laser Cut “Tree of Life – Wall Art” produced at the fab lab. Design was downloaded for free from 3axis.com and Laser Cut using 3 mm MDF Boards on a Laser Cutter. Parts were then painted , and stuck on a concrete wall after its dry to form the nice wall art.

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Designing and Producing a Flower Vase

This is a 3d printed Flower Vase that is designed and produced at the fab lab. Design was done using Fusion 360 and printed using PLA Plastic Material on an FDM 3d Printer. Vase was then used to keep flowers fresh as shown in the image.

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Wood Art 3D CNC Milling

In this project, we describe in details the steps followed to produce a 3D Artistic Wood Model, using CNC Milling Technology. The design was downloaded from https://3axis.co/.  The idea is to show how to prepare the design files for 3D CNC milling, and the steps followed to perform the milling job. Design was  CNC milled using 22mm MDF Material on a CNC Milling Machine.

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Vinyl Printing & Cutting Custom Stickers

This is a Custom Sticker, designed and produced at the fablab. The design was done on Adobe Illustrator, and saved in .EPS format. Sticker was then printed and cut on the Roland BN-20 Vinyl Printer and Cutter, and used on of the laptops at the lab. 

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