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Riachy Bakery

LED will support Riachy Bakery by hiring a consultant to help increase the human resource capacity by training/advising the company on how to recruit salespeople.

Hawa Chicken

LED will hire a local consulting company to develop Franchise Operation Manuals, Training Program Manuals, Handbooks on Site Location/Selection & New Outlet/Branch Opening and Outlet/Branch Operation[...]

Green Essence

LED will support green essence by hiring a consultant to assist in increasing human resource capacity by training/advising the company on how to recruit the salespeople.

Dairy Tannoury

lED will support Dairy Tanoury to build the capacity of its sales and marketing team.

Bachour Co.

LED will assist this firm by hiring a consulting firm, to work with them to recruit and train new sales personnel; coach their management team and to carry out improved market assessments.

Ibrahim Gerges Group

LED will support IGEC will by helping them find a consultancy to help the company put in place the systems and procedures to become certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Daher Food group

LED will assist Daher Food/Master Chips to hire a local consulting firm to deliver a series of high-quality, professional-level training on critical aspects of supply chain management.

Lunar Group

LED will assist Lunar by hiring a consultant to implement GMP.


LED will assist SmushKies to hire a consultant to develop all the elements needed to put in place a franchising system, including the needed manuals (toolkit/s) and training programs.


LED will support Agrifresh by hiring a consultant to support the company optimize the shelf life of its fresh-cut refrigerated salads produced.

Neo Gourmet

LED will assist Neo Gourmet to hire an expert to guide the company on how to franchise the business by setting the franchise strategy and creating the manuals and documentation needed.


LED will support Jaz to hire a business development expert to introduce J.Grove products to new supermarkets, coach the sales manager etc.

Tel Chiha Hospital

LED will cost-share with the hospital to hire a consultant with hospital management expertise to conduct a comprehensive patient flow and a workflow analysis.

RPR- Public Relations

LED will assist RPR by cost-sharing for Wayin to send trainer-consultants from the UK to Lebanon to train RPR’s team to use the platform.

Oh! Bakehouse

LED will support Oh! Bakehouse to hire an F&B consultant who will assist the company to review and restructure the kitchen operations.

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